October Update

2 years, 3 months ago

October Club Night

Join us on Saturday, October 20 for our October Club Night and Gear Night at Touche. Come by starting at 10pm and gear up as we get ready to slide into the MIR 22 weekend! Come and socialize and talk to fellow club members and meet some new ones! Our Facebook group has grown since we launched our social media presence back in 2012. Check there for a Facebook event listing and see who's attending.

Thank You For a GREAT Anniversary Party

Many thanks to all who attended our anniversary party back on August 18, we had an excellent turnout, good times, and successfully raised $500 for the Broadway Youth Center. And photos from the event are up on our website - check them out!

MIR 22 is Upon Us!

Stay tuned for information and forms for the annual MIR gear sale hosted by the Chicago Rubbermen. Until then, check out the MIR page for weekend event information and to learn the latest.
That's all for now, we look forward to seeing you on October 20 at Touche!