April 2016 Update

4 years, 1 month ago

Save The Date: IML Meet & Greet Announced!

We're teaming up with MIR to host a meet & greet on Friday, May 27 from 8-10 p.m. in the Buckingham Room of the Congress Hotel (same space as last year). There will be a cash bar, photo booth, demos, a raffle, gear shine services, and a whole host of rubbermen to kick off your IML weekend! Raffle proceeds go to the MIR travel fund.

Updated Calendar of Events: 

We've finally updated our events calendar over at chicagorubbermen.com. Stay tuned for event details as they are released. Generally, we'll put out a newsletter and Facebook event invite 3-6 weeks out so you can plan your trip (and your gear).

Attention Facebook Group Members:

We're making some changes here to our Facebook group. To better reach members, prospective members, and out of town guests, we are planning on changing the privacy settings - but we are not going to do it just yet. In order for people to search the group and join, we are planning to change the group from "Secret" to "Closed." This means that those outside the group can search for us on Facebook, and those who are searching can see what's going on in the group. If you don't want to be searchable or for people to know that you are in the group, we definitely understand. Click on over to the page to change your settings if necessary. You can still stay in touch with us on our website, through these newsletters, and Twitter. Thanks for being a member and if you have any questions, please email us at chicagorubbermen@gmail.com.