Chicago Rubbermen is a social club for men from the Chicago area and beyond into rubber gear fetish including latex, industrial rubber, neoprene "wetsuits", waders, rubber boots, and gas masks. Chicago Rubbermen is informal in nature, meaning there are no dues or officers. The club functions by consensus; what the majority of the members want, the volunteer organizers try to accomplish. Social gatherings or club nights at local bars are held every month or two for club members. The club occasionally will have fundraisers to support the member interests, maintain the club website or promote other rubber events.

Since inception, the Chicago Rubbermen has been a supporter of Mr. International Rubber (MIR), which is held in Chicago each November.


For information about the club please contact us at chicagorubbermen@gmail.com

The Club Logo

The original Chicago Rubbermen logo was created in 2003 by renowned gay erotic artist Drubskin. It incorporated the gasmask - an icon of the rubber fetish - with the four stars of the City of Chicago Flag, and the colors of our city and nation, red, white, and blue.

The current logo used by Chicago Rubbermen was designed in 2008 by MIR15 Sly Hands alongside the Manchester Rubbermen logo, and updated again in 2013. The new design incorporates a tire for raw rubber, a font used by rubber tire companies, and the banners were re-styled to mimic sheet latex. The new design also incorporates a field of two stripes representing the two branches of the Chicago River, mirroring the Manchester Rubbermen logo's three stripes representing Manchester's three rivers. Sly has since developed matching logos for London Rubbermen, Vancouver Rubbermen, Dutch Rubbermen, and Barcelona Rubbermen to show our brotherhood with rubber fetishists around the world.

A Brief History

Rubberwilli, Mr. International Rubber 2003, originially formed the Chicago Rubbermen during his title year and held a couple of initial meetings. As his MIR responsibilities increased, Rubberwilli was forced to put the club on hold.

The Chicago Rubbermen experienced a re-birth in July of 2006 when a number of area rubbermen were determined to get the club up and running again. Rubberperv69 put the word out and held an organizational meeting. About twenty local guys attended that July 2006 meeting and club night. The group has continued to meet every 1-2 months and interest has continued to grow. In its first year the revived Chicago Rubbermen contact list has grown to almost 100 members.

The Chicago Rubbermen continue to meet regularly for club nights. They support, attend, and help organize various area rubber events. They are committed to supporting and promoting rubber and rubber fetish in the Chicago area, nationally, and internationally.

Chicago ... Prepare to be RUBBERIZED!